Big Robbery Online Slot Rating and Review

If you decide to play the Big Robbery slot machine, there is a possibility that you may win some significant prizes. This slot machine by Novomatic has a return to player percentage (RTP) that is typically around 95 percent and has a medium to high level of volatility. The Big Robbery slot machine includes 5 reels, 3 rows, 9 paylines that may be adjusted, and a cartoonish heist and theft theme. The game has thirteen distinct 3D symbols, each of which looks fantastic on the display of any device, whether it a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

Participate in this thrilling robbery, and if you’re fortunate, you may be able to steal your way to 900,000 coins. You’ll have plenty of aid available to you in the form of wild thieves, dispersed safe keys, free spins, and fascinating bonus rounds to play through. These one-of-a-kind bonus rounds provide players the chance to win a wide range of entertaining additional prizes. We have you covered with all of the behind-the-scenes information that you need. Keep reading for more information on everything you need to know to play the Big Robbery slot.

Setup and Gameplay of the Online Slot Machine, Big Robbery

The Big Robbery slot machine has a charming three-dimensional theme design that is comprised of a picturesque cityscape. There is a giant full moon floating in the night sky, and its light shines down onto the reels, lighting the houses and trees below. A gleaming red convertible drives by as a variety of distinct 3D symbols are housed inside a grid that is 5 by 3. These symbols include a pair of alluring women, some threatening police officers, and some cunning bank thieves. This slot machine has the ability to award a total of 900,000 coins in just one single spin of the machine. The Big Robbery slot machine, just like the majority of other slot games produced by Novomatic, is simple to install and is an excellent choice for gamers of any degree of expertise. Examine the controls that are located below the reels in order to get started with the game.

Before you get started with the game, you should probably get acquainted with the 13 distinct symbols that will be used. The Big Robbery slot game has a greater number of symbols than the vast majority of other slot games. Simply enter the menu, which will then let you to view the paytable, in order to look at the various symbols that are available. The only thing left to do is decide how much you want to wager and how many paylines you want to have active for the game. Make your selection using the ‘Lines’ option to activate one of the available paylines, which may range from one to nine. Through the use of this option, you are able to raise the total amount of your bet. Next, choose a wager by clicking the “Bet” button and beginning with at least 9 credits worth of credits. You have the ability to modify your wager for each of the paylines that you decide to make active. The Big Robbery slot machine offers a healthy maximum of 4500 credits for each spin of the reels that you may participate in. You’re going to be happy with this huge maximum bet amount if you’re the kind of player who likes to spend a lot of money. After you have determined the number of lines that you want to play and the amount that you want to gamble, you are free to click the “Start” option. You are also free to use the automated spins function, which allows you to set the autoplay mode for anything from one to one hundred spins.

Be sure to check out the Big Robbery mobile slot game if you’re a player who enjoys the convenience, comfort, and straightforwardness that comes with mobile gaming. Each and every mobile platform may play the slot machine game on the go. This essentially implies that the Big Robbery slot game may be played on any mobile device, including those that run the iOS and Android operating systems. Even mobile devices such as iPads and tablets may be used to access it. The mobile game has all of the same features as the desktop version, in addition to the fascinating and one-of-a-kind variety of bonus rounds. The Big Robbery slot game offers a variety of one-of-a-kind bonus rounds, many of which are not available in any other online casino game. You may do so at any location and at any time by accessing it using the web browser on your mobile device.

Big Robbery Bonus Keys and Free Bonus Spins are available.

In order to succeed in this robbery, all you have to do is wait for combinations of symbols on the reels that match what you’re looking for. These combinations start when three or more symbols that match up get together to form a coalition. There are four distinct emblems that each portray a different kind of thief, guard, or law enforcement official. Each of these one-of-a-kind characters has the potential to bestow upon you a prize of up to ten thousand coins. The symbols, which include a purse full of riches and a pair of alluring women, have the potential to award you up to 12,500 coins. If you are successful in landing a combination of pistols or slot games, you may win up to 25,000 coins. On the other hand, if you make it to the red getaway vehicle, you could win a staggering 40,000 coins. You will be given 75,000 coins in sterling as a prize if you are successful in making it all the way to the safe.

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